Logan Airport 911 Memorial

The Logan 911 Memorial project included electrical engineering and lighting design services as well as construction administration and coordination with the memorial structure designers and architects.

GGD's main focus on the project was to provide adequate power to serve the site and the memorial structure as discretely as possible to maintain the integrity of the memorial site. This was accomplished by paying close attention to the site layout and strategically locating equipment in places not easily visible to the public while maintaining requirements necessary for a properly operational and code compliant system.

The site lighting design incorporated contemporary low level bollards that followed the winding walkway around the site and provided an evenly lit walkway for the visitors. The lighting control solution gave Massport the ability to seamlessly operate and control the memorial structure lighting and site lighting through their existing control system.

  • Architect: Moskow Linn Architects


North Attleborough Police Department, North Attleborough, MA

North Attleboro Police Station
North Attleboro Police Station
North Attleboro Police Station
North Attelborough Police Department
The historical restoration and renovation of a 32,582 sq. ft. former industrial factory into a new Police Facility for the Town included HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical & Technology. The existing structure was renovated to meet current code regulations and to effectively house the high-tech equipment associated with communication and evidence processing. The exterior presence of the building was restored respectful of its historical significance.
  • North Attleborough Police Department
  • Construction Cost: $6,913,000
  • MEP/FP Construction Cost: $1,882,000
  • Completion Date: 7/2004
  • Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.


Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library, Harrisville, RI

Burrillville's new 24,700-square foot Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library sits on the site of a former mill complex beside the Clear River and is Phase II of the Stilwater Mill Master Plan, a Brownsfield redevelopment project downtown. Striking and efficient, the complex design pulls in views and light. Theres ample space for any number of activities, including town meetings. And there's also a public walk to take advantage of the locale. But if blending with the surroundings and mastering the technological challenges of a modern library aren't enough, the dynamite building was finished four months early on budget
  • Architect: Newport Collaborative Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Odeh Engineers Inc
  • Contractor: E.W. Burman Inc.
  • Landscape Architect: Gates Leighton & Associates inc.



Garcia, Galuska & DeSousa, Inc. proudly served as part of the design team responsible for constructing the new 84,000 SF Roger E. Wellington Elementary School.

GGD provided highly efficient design and construction administration services for the new Electrical, Technology, HVAC (including Geothermal Systems), Plumbing and Fire Protection systems. Also included was a life cycle cost analysis, documentation, and energy modeling services required to meet MA CHPS efficiency standards indicating an energy savings of 48.4% above code.

The high efficiency HVAC systems serving the building utilize energy conservation measures such as displacement ventilation, demand control ventilation, energy recovery, variable frequency fan and pumping systems, high efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers with reset controls, high efficiency water source heat pump chillers, and a geothermal plant. Above energy conservation, the HVAC systems provide superior indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions.

Extensive daylight modeling was provided to guide the architectural design which resulted in greater than 80% savings in artificial illumination energy consumption through daylight harvesting controls. Water conservation measures included ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures.

The Roger E. Wellington Elementary School is one of four projects that have been honored as finalist to receive the prestigious Harleston Parker Medal given by the Boston Society of Architects (BSA)/AIA and the City of Boston to "the single most beautiful" building or structure built in the metropolitan Boston area in the past 10 years.

  • Architect: Jonathan Levi Architects
  • Construction Cost: $39.7 Million
  • Completion Date: Summer 2011


The auditorium house and theatrical lighting at the Foxborough High School dated back to building's original construction in 1971. As part of a phased school renovation plan, both systems were completely replaced.

New theatrical lighting included a full array of traditional high intensity incandescent spots, floods, and washes as well as state-of-the-art color changing LED spot and wash fixtures making for a very versatile system. The new system greatly enhanced the school's performance capabilities and reduced the theatrical lighting electrical load by more than 50%.

New house lighting replaced existing incandescent downlights on a one-for-one basis utilizing existing ceiling openings. New LED downlights were selected in varying aperture sizes and lumen outputs to provide an optimal level of lighting for educational use with full dimming capability to accommodate a wide range of presentation and theatrical performance needs. The new lighting more than tripled the light levels in the space while reducing the electrical load by more than 70%. Additionally, the extremely long life of the LED source virtually eliminates maintenance of the lighting for 20 years.

  • Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.
  • Electrical Construction Cost: Theatrical Lighting: $192,000; House Lighting: $94,000
  • Completion Date: 10/2012
  • Completion Date: 2/2006
  • Architect: Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc.

Dedham Middle School, Dedham, MA

Design for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems for 129,000 sq. ft. (800 pupils) Middle School. Design included rain water harvesting & photovoltaics. New school on existing site, replacing the old Middle School.
  • Town of Dedham Public Schools
  • Construction Cost: $21,000,000
  • MEP/FP Construction Cost: $4,977,000
  • Completion Date: 2/2006
  • Architect: Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc.


Clarke Middle School, Lexington, MA

Mechanical system upgrade and improvements to the Clarke Middle School. Improvements include adding new condensing hot water boilers, distribution piping, and new classroom unit ventilators and roof mounted heating and ventilation equipment.
  • Owner: Town of Lexington
  • Consulting Architect: HMFH Architects, Inc.
  • Contractor: CAM HVAC & Construction, Inc.
  • Construction Cost: $1,977,777


Bourne Elementary School

The Bourne Elementary School located in Bourne Massachusetts, represents a dramatic departure from the traditional mechanical and electrical design approach typically represented in elementary school design. The design responds to high humidity conditions typical in ocean boundary communities and to the owners desire to provide air-conditioning. The solution presented challenging design opportunities while maintaining reasonable construction cost. In addition, the design achieved the importance of maintaining simplicity in maintenance and control, as well as the extremely conservative noise levels recommended by ANSI, presented additional design challenges.

The system selected includes low wall displacement ventilation utilizing 100% outside air discharged at an extremely low dew point condition. The low moisture capacity air results in a perception of air conditioning due to the dryness of the air. The noise levels are below 25 DBA and the distribution equipment requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Additional mechanical systems include high-efficiency boilers, energy recovery air handling equipment, chilled beams for direct air-conditioned spaces, and direct digital monitoring control systems.

Electrical Green Design includes: occupancy sensors, day-lighting controls, variable speed drives and high performance lighting.

The Construction Cost of the HVAC systems was $23.60/sq.ft. representing an approximate 27% reduction in construction cost as compared to conventional mechanical system design. Preliminary observations of the installation indicate clearly that the design goals have been met.

  • Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates, Inc.
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $20,500,000.00
  • MEP Construction Cost: $3,739,000.00
  • Estimated Completion Date: 4/2009


Horseneck Beach Comfort Station

Horseneck Beach Comfort Station
Horseneck Beach Comfort Station
Horseneck Beach Comfort Station

The Horseneck Beach Comfort Stations located on the Horseneck Beach Reservation in Westport, Massachusetts, represent a combination of innovation and design to provide a low maintenance and high quality comfort station. The design of the comfort stations was to provide a building that blended into the small town atmosphere of Westport with energy efficient systems that require minimal maintenance.

The toilet facilities are serviced by a composting toilet system. The composting toilet system consists of waterless toilets within the facility which are connected to composters located in a vault below the building. This system requires no water for flushing purposes and limited water usage for the operation of the composters. The system is clean and odor free providing an acceptable experience for the end user. The composting system has become the system of choice for the Department of Conservation and Recreation for their beach sites due to the limited utilities.

This building also utilizes natural day lighting through skylights which are integrated into the lighting system so that the lighting is only utilized when the light levels fall below the design levels. This keeps the electric usage to a minimum during operational hours.

  • Architect: Stephen Kelleher Architects
  • Electrical & Plumbing Construction Cost: $326,600
  • Completion Date: 8/2008
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Boston Society or Architects awarded Garcia, Galuska and DeSousa an Honorable Mention for Accessible Design in Public Architecture for the Westport East and West Bathhouses and Dune Crossing

Trum Field Sommerville, MA

Trum Field
The Trum Field house was designed as a two level multi functional recreational facility. With its trellis roof, the upper deck provides a sheltered viewing/stage area while the lower level offers team rooms and toilet facilities. Low level lighting provides a safe and comfortable path to and from the facility and ball field.
  • Architect:Design Partnership of Cambridge
  • Completion Date: 8/2008


Strathmore Condominiums, Brockton, MA

Strathmore Condominiums
The project focus was on the restoration of a 83,448 square foot historic mill building. The renovation converted the building from a vacant mill to a 72 unit condominium building.

Each unit boasts amenities such as a full kitchen and two full baths as well as high speed internet access. The building itself hosts a fitness center and function room and is located in downtown Brockton, MA.

  • Architect: BKA Architects, Inc.
  • Completion Date: 10/2006


Beede Swim & Fitness Center, Concord MA

The Beede Swim & Fitness Center is a first class natatorium serving the communities of Concord, Carlisle, and other nearby towns. Garcia, Galuska & DeSousa, Inc. was hired to design new lighting and control systems focusing on the pool area in an effort to reduce energy consumption and maintenance needs.

  • Consulting Architect: OMR Architects, Inc
  • Electrical Construction Cost: $232,000
  • Completion Date: March, 2013

Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, Bourne, MA

The project focus is the construction of a new 10,000 square foot Veterinary Hospital located at the base of the Bourne Bridge over looking the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne, MA.

The facility is a complete Veterinary hospital for domestic animals. Services range from routine pet care to advanced surgical procedures.

  • Architect: Strekalovsky Architecture, Inc.
  • Completion Date: 12/2006